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Intensive Programs

At Fusion, we believe in promoting positive self-esteem while instilling a love and appreciation for dance and movement. Our expectation is for each dancer to reach their potential and to receive individual and personal attention, no matter the level.

Fusion’s Performance Program provides an opportunity for dancers looking to further develop their technical skills. Dancers participate in various community performances, local competitions, and recital. The Performance Program offers classes in Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and Hip Hop ranging from ages 5-18.

Fusion’s Dance Company is a committed group of dancers looking for further opportunities to train and perform. In lieu of a formal audition, dancers are recommended based on not only their technical level, but also their commitment to the art form. While the Dance Company does attend competitions, the focus of the program is on training and exposure to all styles and facets of dance. Many Dance Company students continue to dance beyond high school as University Dance Majors, Dance Team members, Instructors, Choreographers, and performers in both Dance and Theater. There is an Intensive Program level of the Dance Company where, by faculty recommendation, the dancers will receive a more rigorous training and performing schedule to help prepare them for High School Dance Programs and beyond.

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