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Important Dates

April 15th 

Recital T-Shirt and Recital Program Ad orders are due online.

May 19th

Recital Tickets go on sale online. All account balances must be paid to purchase.

May 23rd, May 28th-31st, & June 3rd-5th

Dress Rehearsals on stage at David Brearley High School in Kenilworth, NJ. An adjusted class schedule will be sent out in the Spring to ensure all classes will meet before their Recital Day.


June 7th, 8th & 9th

20th Annual Recital at David Brearley High School in Kenilworth, NJ. See Recital assignments for your dancer's show.

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Recital Orders

T-shirts $24 ...........................................................................................................due April 15th

All shirts have the Recital artwork on the front and "cast member" on the back. A great way for your dancer to remember their big moment! 


Various sizes .........................................................................................................due April 15th
Send a special message to your dancer on their big day! Click "Recital Program Ads" above for more details.

Available at Dress Rehearsal
Digital photo packages of your Dancer in costume will be available for purchase at Dress Rehearsal ONLY. See Dress Rehearsal section for more details.


Available at Recital
Flowers, cookies, and other congratulatory items will be available for purchase at the theater on Recital Day.

Pre-order special FDC Recital gifts! Deadline May 15th.

Looking for Digital Downloads of the performance?
We are thrilled to share that all ticket purchases to our 20th Annual Recital include a complimentary Digital Download of the performance. *Please note that this is NOT a livestream of the event. You will receive a download link at a later date.

Hair & Makeup

Girls should have their hair in a low-bun with NO BANGS. Bun Kits can be purchased in Fusion's office, and a video tutorial can be found below and our socials. 


Makeup is optional but highly recommended. Dancers should use neutral eyeshadows, blush, red or pink lipstick, and mascara so they are not washed out by the stage lights.


Boys should wear chapstick and "do" their hair with gel or hairspray so that it does not fall in their eyes.

Stage-Ready 101

Stage-Ready 101


Costumes will be sent home in the Spring after being tried on in class. Please put it somewhere safe and do not touch until Recital. We cannot guarantee a replacement if lost or damaged. Instructions for any included accessories will be put on the garment bag for the costume. 

Girls should not wear underwear but instead wear the included tights. We recommend purchasing a back-up pair from the office. Boys should wear socks that match their shoe color.

We ask that your dancer not wear nail polish or dangling jewelry on stage.

Dress Rehearsal will be held on stage at David Brearley High School in Kenilworth, NJ on May 23rd, May 28th-31st, & June 3rd-5th. Each class will only rehearse once.

A detailed breakdown of Dress Rehearsal times can be found with your mailed-home packet, here, or in the office.

Please plan accordingly to have your dancer ready (costume, hair, tights, shoes, makeup, see page 5 for more) prior to their assigned time so that rehearsal can remain on schedule.

View Dress Rehearsal Times by class

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal FAQ

  • All dancers must attend their scheduled dress rehearsal in order to participate in the show. 

  • Only one parent or guardian may accompany each dancer to Dress Rehearsal. Dress Rehearsal is not open to additional family members.

  • There will be a row in the auditorium labeled with your dancer's class. Upon arrival, please go to your row and put your dancer's shoes on so they are ready to go!

  • Parents will remain in the auditorium while dancers are rehearsing. No Parents will be allowed backstage or in the photo area. Dancers will be escorted back to the auditorium at the conclusion of their rehearsal.

  • Videotaping during Dress Rehearsal is allowed. Flash photography is prohibited.

Dress Rehearsal & Photos

Professional Photos

Photo packages of your dancer in costume will be available for purchase at Dress Rehearsal.  Packages are $35 for TWO full-resolution digital images! Photos will be emailed home in June.

Photos will be available for purchase upon arrival at Dress Rehearsal.

Professional Photos FAQ

    Siblings may take photos together. If their rehearsal times are not on the same day, both siblings may come dressed during one rehearsal time. Let Fusion Staff know upon arrival.

  • Can I see the photos first? Can we retake photos after seeing them?
    No individual dancer photos will be taken without an order. There is not an opportunity for photos to be purchased later. No photos can be retaken for any reason.


  • What if my dancer takes more than one class?
    A package must be purchased for each class/costume that you would like photos of your dancer in. Packages can not be split between two costumes.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 12.21.34 AM.png

Recital tickets will be sold online beginning Sunday, May 19th.

You will be able to choose your individual, assigned seats on the ticket buying site. Tickets are first-come, first-serve and will be sold online only until Thursday, June 6th, after which they may be purchased at the door, if available.

To gain access to the ticket purchasing site each family will need an individual code. To receive your code, all account balances, including May & June tuition, must be paid. Codes will be emailed to you the week of May 7th.

View a walkthrough of the ticket purchasing site.

Recital Tickets

Ticket FAQ

  • All ticket purchases to our 20th Annual Recital include a complimentary Digital Download of the performance. *Please note that this is NOT a livestream of the event. You will receive a download link at a later date.

  • You must purchase a ticket for each show that you wish to attend

  • There are no limits to the number of tickets you may purchase. We have many Recitals so that there are plenty of seats for everyone and your dancer's entire fan club can attend!

  • Ticket pricing is the same for children, adults, and seniors. Every child will need a ticket unless an infant can sit comfortably on your lap.

To eliminate potential site congestion, sale times will be staggered on Sunday, May 19th. 

​June 7th 6:30 pm show - 10:00 am sale time
June 8th 9:00 am show - 10:15 am sale time

June 8th 11:00 am show - 10:30 am sale time
June 8th 1:00 pm show - 10:45 am sale time
June 8th 3:00 pm show - 11:00 am sale time
June 8th 5:00 pm show - 11:15 am sale time

June 8th 7:00 pm show - 11:30 am sale time
June 9th 9:15 am show - 11:45 am sale time
June 9th 11:15 am show - 12:00pm sale time
June 9th 1:15 pm show  - 12:15 pm sale time
June 9th 3:15 pm show - 12:30 pm sale time
June 9th 5:15pm show - 12:45 pm sale time

Backstage Dressing Rooms

Fusion's dressing rooms are highly supervised and organized. To keep it stress-free for parents and fun for dancers, we have a few rules and guidelines.

  1. Backstage "Groups"
    Every dancer has an assigned group backstage. The groups will be labeled and there will be Fusion Event Staff to assist you.

  2. Check-in Time
    Dancers must be signed in 30 minutes before showtime by a chaperone of the same gender. The SAME chaperone must sign them out at the end of the show.
    *Please reach out to us at if there is not a chaperone of the same gender available so that we make adjustments and any available guardian may drop your dancer off.

  3. Parent "Wristbands"
    Each family will receive one "backstage wristband" at sign-in. You must be wearing this wristband to come backstage during the show. 
    *Please note that there are Assistant Teachers & FDC Event Staff backstage to assist with costume changes and bathroom breaks, so we encourage you to relax and enjoy the show!

  4. Miscellaneous

  • Dancers must remain in the dressing room for the entire show. There are no exceptions. Siblings performing in the same show will be able to watch the live stream that our videographer sets up in the Dressing Room

  • Products with common allergens are not allowed in the dressing rooms. Please do not forget to remove your dancer's jewelry and to take it and other valuables with you.

  • ​At the end of the show, every Dancer is brought back onstage to take a final bow and to receive a medal!

Recital Weekend


Audience Etiquette

To remain respectful of the dancers who worked so hard for their big moment, the following will be strictly enforced. 

Failure to adhere may result in removal from the auditorium at the discretion of Fusion Staff & Kenilworth Police.

  1. No flash photography or video is allowed. Tablet & cellphone use is prohibited.

  2. Audience members must remain seated during each dance. Please do not stand up. It blocks the view of other audience members and our videographer.

  3. Doors WILL NOT BE OPENED WHILE A DANCE IS ONSTAGE. There will be no exceptions. Thank you for remaining respectful of the dancers and other audience members.

Don't forget—when everyone puts the dancers first, recital is a memorable experience for all!


Venue Parking


Don't forget...every show starts ON TIME!

Please allow yourself enough time to park and please remind members of your party that are arriving separately. All vehicles must be parked legally. Cars blocking fire lanes may receive a ticket from Kenilworth Police. 

*Additional parking is available behind Harding School. Access from N 18th St.

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