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AJ Mannion


Mr. AJ, M.S. Ac., is widely known for his compassionate and energetic teaching style, visually stimulating choreography, and anatomically precise technique. He takes his deep knowledge in the healing arts and dance to create classes that help dancers bring finesse to their technique, voice to their inner creative spirit, and calm self-awareness to their physical, emotional, and mental faculties. Mr. AJ's experience as a healer includes holding his Master's of Science degree in Acupuncture while being presently enrolled in an accredited two-year Chinese Medical Herbalism program, along with currently working as a certified Reiki Master and previously as a massage therapist. Mr. AJ has taught classes and workshops all over the Tri-State area for dancers and teachers of all skill levels, ages 5-70. He works as a judge for dance competitions while also offering guest classes in Acrobatics and Ballet. He received his BFA in Dance from Montclair State University and has extensive experience in yoga and contortion, as well as receiving his certifications in Module one, two, and Aerial/Back Handsprings through Acrobatic Arts. Mr. AJ is beyond excited for the new dance season, where he will be celebrating his TENTH year at Fusion!

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