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Welcome to the ultimate dance experience for teens!

free trial classes for new dancers!

A Dance Education That Is More Than Just Instruction

We have witnessed first hand how dance can build character, confidence, and friendships. We strive to provide exceptional instruction and leadership and to instill the importance of kindness and inclusion, with a focus on positive self-esteem.

Our goal is to provide an inviting community that your teen is proud to be a part of!

✓ Class exclusively for Ages 13-18

✓ Seven styles of dance - Acrobatics, Ballet, Break Dancing, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Tap


Why Join Fusion?

Classes for Teens

Whether your teen has been dancing for years, has never taken a class outside of Tik Tok, or danced when they were younger and wants to start again, we have classes for them. Come try a new class! Our Teen program is truly an awesome community of kids who support and encourage each other 😎

Increased ConfiDANCE

Experience the transformation of self-confidence through dance! Our expert instructors empower dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels to unlock their full potential, building strength, technique, and a belief in themselves.

Lifelong Friendships

Join our vibrant dance community and watch your teen forge lifelong friendships that extend beyond the dance floor. Fusion Dance Centre is an encouraging and inclusive atmosphere where dancers of all backgrounds come together to share their passion, support each other's growth, and create lasting bonds that go far beyond the studio walls.

Clean, Modern Studios

Step into our state-of-the-art dance studio in Roselle Park, NJ, and discover an environment designed to inspire and uplift. With spacious, clean, and modern facilities equipped with custom, professional floors, Fusion Dance Centre offers the perfect space for dancers of all ages.

Professional Faculty

Our team of expert instructors is dedicated to nurturing growth and inspiring dancers. With a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching, our faculty members create a supportive and encouraging environment where teens can thrive. 

Easy Parent Experience

We understand the importance of making the parent experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With convenient online registration, clear communication, and a helpful and friendly staff, we ensure that you can easily navigate your teen's dance journey, allowing you to sit back, relax, and witness your teenager's progress and joy in a stress-free environment.


"I would recommend Fusion to any parent who wants to encourage their child to try something new or continue higher level dancing. Fusion for sure is a 'Happy Place'."

- Claudia, Google

See what dance can do for your teen. Claim their FREE trial class!

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320 W Westfield Ave, Roselle Park, NJ

(908) 620 - 1000 |

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