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Tots on the Move

Daycare Enrichment Program

Our Program

Fusion's Tots on the Move Program takes place in your preschool or daycare with our energetic staff! Classes focus on having fun while introducing children to dance fundamentals & self expression through songs, games, creative movement & play.

Why Dance?

The benefits of dance have been documented in Preschoolers, including:


  • Increased body awareness.

  • Improved alignment, flexibility, and   neurological patterning.

  • Growth and development of emotional and social skills.

  • Greater self-esteem and autonomy.

  • Enhanced linguistic and listening skills.

Flexible Options

Fusion's Tots on the Move program can be customized to fit the needs of the customers and families at your daycare or preschool.


  • Ages 2-5

  • Ballet, Jazz, or Hip Hop

  • Month-to-month or 8-week sessions


Email to speak to our Preschool Program director about bringing the benefits of dance to your students!

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